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cm -

Not so fast. She's been hospitalized for 'exhaustion'.

Alan -

Have you heard the record? I would have thought she would have been hospitalized for being dead. It is Shelby Lynn meets Lauren Hill meets Eartha Kitt meets a wino.

Gorthos -

Gee Alan.. Your initial praise made me interested.. your second description made me afraid.

Alan -

It might have been even more helpful if I spelled her name correctly.

Chris Taylor -

She's got some good tracks, but she's doing it all wrong.

You have to hit the apogee of your fame before you start lousing up your shows with onstage drunkeness, abruptly terminated sets, and so on. Do that stuff while you're clawing your way up, and you become just another clichéd coulda-been with behavioral problems.

Alan -

That weakness is the strength.

Gorthos -

I listened. She's okay, just not my alcoholic diva-esque sexpot of choice.

Alan -

How can you not like someone who calls the music of U2 "that shit". I want to adopt her.

Rick Pali -

Phooey on sites that play music without being asked to play music!

portland -

i've listened 20 times now. i like it. can't top either descrip or your defence. beautiful. and she's right. who out there can listen to u2 album anymore. yuck.