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Alan -

That was never ratified by the full convention.

Gordo -

I'm not sure that a dusting of snow on the rooftops qualifies as a "skiff of snow upon the land", Alan. It was nice, though. Cameron can screaming down the hall: "It's snowing! It's Snowing!" :-D

I hereby move that Gary's neck of the woods be forever known as "Lower Eastlakia".


Alan -

You are a northern Easlakian. You have no vote on this matter. NYCO needs input.

Gordo -

Geographic segregation is hardly called for, Alan.

Alan -

I think we have to accept local needs in these matters. We have not even heard from central Easlakia at all.

Gordo -

Where would Central be?

To tell the truth, I kind of like Upper Easlakia vs. Northern ... :-D


I like Upper and Lower!

Central Easlakia, of course, is Tug Hill.

Alan -

I popped home for lunch and was able to check out the notes and drawings from the convention and note the following proposed boundaries for the three cantons of Easlakia:<p><center><a href="images/2006h/easlakia2.JPG"><img src="images/2006h/easlakia2a.JPG" vspace="5"><br><i>click</i><p></a></center><p>Note the enclaves of Oswego and Ogdensburg reserved to the northern canton while Tug Hill was included in the central one.

gr -

HEY! I live on the O of south! neat. Exept it is LOWER, not south.
We had that dusting, but typical of eastlakia, it came down fast and furious for awhile, reminding me of Dr Zhivago and Omar Shariff wandering through snowy wastes looking for Julie Christie (or however that movie went)
I want to be COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN of LOWER EASTLAKIA, of the great lakes league of bloggers.

Gordo -

An emeritus prof at work and long time birder tells me that not only are they tundra swans, there are hundreds of them in Button Bay on Wolfe Island. They don't normally come this close to Kingston.