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Alan -

Have I mentioned that I really look forward to March?

Gordo -

I'm with you Alan. My birthday's this month. :-D

Don -

I've forwarded your post to Mom Nature - she forgot this morning in Ottawa.

Alan -

Ottawa has some making up to do.

cm -

I just remembered it's St David's Day as well. Poor fella, always overshadowed by Patrick.

brian -

Great, now all we have to do now is beware the "ides."

What are ides, anyway? *

* (Answer: the middle of the month, according to the Roman calendar and Wikipedia)

Alan -

All you have to write is "I said 'Julie don't go!'" and all of Canada collapses in laughter.

David Janes -

Til they watch W&S again as adults and go "what the hell is that".

It's worth reading the full Wikipedia part about what the Ides (and Nones) are.

cm -

I confess: I laughed.