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Arthur -

Sue them, Alan!

[oh wait, this is good, right?]

Hey, I think the Ukraine won today's game...

T-Bo -

Alan......Would you have any idea why Molson's Quebec-only Laurentide was discontinued? I remember talking to a bartender in Montreal one time and he said, as I ordered it..."Rice of the future!"

Apparently it wasn't.

Alan -

I thought Laurentide was still around in Quebec - a buddy of mine is a big fan. Isn't Bud a rice beer? I always expect to hear snap, crackle and pop when I open one.

T-Bo -

I haven't seen Laurentide in 2 or 3 years, on my hockey trips to Le Belle Province. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places. Something about Laurentide made it different than any other beer for me....Bud, to me, is just another in a long line....

Knut albert -

Great story. I liked the reference to record collecting before the internet. I have been there, too.
Btw, Alan, I have promised coverage of the Vienna beer scene, but I won't have time before my holidays. You'll have to make do with the reports over at my blog.