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Gordo -

Man, I haven't played Yahtzee in ... decades. Is that your set? Very nice.

Alan -

See? The internet is a fomenter of lies. It is merely an image I stole. It is, however, the set that I recall playing in early 1970s cottage visits.

Gordo -

You see, I KNOW what the internet is all about. That's why I asked.

gorthos -

We have a regular Yahtzee set somewhere but what we all love is our handheld electronic version. Sure its a one player game but fun fun.

My wife won't play me Scrabble anymore because even though I come up with words she HAS to look up like FUG, whe is more wiley and always beats me soundly. Probably because I spend the game trying to spell naughty words and racial slurs to upset her mindset.

gorthos -

Sorry that shold have said vague antiquated racial slurs thats she refuses to accept as words..

hmm.. no sean, Fuzzywuzzy is not a real word
look it up
it is not
here it is, in a Kipling story
that doesn't count,
What about woggy
Stop it or you sleep on the couch..

Gordo -

For some reason, that doesn't surprise me at all, Sean. :-)

Michael Negley -

Play Yahtzee against Michael. Try your luck against my almost unbeatable computer strategy.

[Ed.: No thanks!]