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Gordo -

Closed-set filters are limiting, Alan. Otherwise all of Hotmail would use the one that's available to them: "delete any incoming mail from addresses which I have never sent to". I still find email incredibly useful. The spam/ham ratio is only slightly higher than my snail-mail, and I have a filter that labels 97% of the crap for me. I feel for for folks with less useful filtering programs, though.

Paul of Kingston -

I came across a statistic recently (reference unknown) that purported that a 1 million email address pitch by any penny stock typically results in between a 5 and 10% rise in share price within 48 hours of the spam. Given that the spam pitch probably costs under $1,000 to produce - that's what I call high value marketing. And - as these sorts of statistics become better known, traders might begin basing penny stock buys on speculation of a an impending spam send. Seems to me that the spam problem is at our end of the pipeline. Technology needs to come to the rescue here.

Alan -

I don't mean a filter, I mean a password protected personal space for talking to me. Maybe the only message that gets in without permission is a communication request. But maybe not even that. Just an internet based closed system.

gorthos -

You can create closed to the public YahooGroups message boards to kill off spam. otherwise, running filters to prevent you ever seeing a percentage of spam is all you have.

Problem now is image spam, which I have been mumbling around in my brain about creating a filter for. You have to somehow identify the jpg/gif or BMP in the email by its file name else do something about running an algorythm that compared the amount of text to filesize of email, only allowing attached images versus in-body ones and making assumptions.. hrmm. Should I work on this as a project? Naw. there are terrorists to kill on my gamecube.

Gordo -

You'll have to technically define a new type of communications then, Alan. You'll also have to get the authors of the internet's email server software to include that definition in their software. Right now, all messages coming in on port 25 and being examined by an email server are <b>email</b>. There's no technical difference between a birthday email from your Mom or notification of a blog posting or a come on for a penny stock. There's simply no facility for a server to prefer one type of communications over another. Other than filters.

Gorthos' idea is about the closest to what you can get to what you're describing now. You'll see subscription requests and authorize or deny them, but that's it outside of email from those you deem worthy.

gorthos -

Have I ever mentioned that I am self-diagnosed mildly OCD and both my wife and I have all the symptoms of having been mildly ADD as kiddeos? Oh, I guess I forgot.

I have in the back of my mind been writing base "brain language" logic code to define image spam while running, watching shows, eating Xmas dinner at in-laws, DRIVING...argh

Thanks Alan haha!

David -

You should form a band, OCD/ADD.

Reminds me of my family situation though. Sometimes I think I'm a wigwam, sometimes my wife thinks she's a teepee. Doctor says we're two tents...

Alan -

No, there are discussion based intranets now. I have one up there called the alNet that is a gift from the server overlords. A system that can have unlimited users but is all based on authorizations. Impossible to spam.

Gordo -

Nothing is impossible, Alan. The kiddies WILL get in eventually.