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Greg -

I was going to say.. never mind sleeping in. What about the ol' bio-rhythm low of the afternoon "siesta"? talk about a poor productive time period! ;)

gr -

Greg, the self-employed work at home man does not hold himself back. He does as the Spaniard would do after lunch, settles in for the brief power nap. It is the secret to health, wealth, fame and fortune.

Greg -

So what you are saying is that I need to get out of my rat-race cubicle and take up my tools full time? hmm what a concept! ;)

Flea -

Why leave your cubicle? I curl up in the ell under my desk. One benefit is that faxes and mail provide a comfy warming effect as they stack up while I am sleeping.

gr -

There is, of course, the 'he looks awake but is actually asleep' method of working too. I practiced that widely when I was a student.