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gorthos -

A magnetic futurama decoration for my pod that will probably get me fired ha ha!
Mechanical Artpiece that is quite fun
Navan Liquor
Jammies with elves drinking beer on them
A three light LED headlamp for running that will make me look like Sam Fisher from SplinterCell
A BuddaBoard

Assorted other things but no Xbox360, games or DVD sets.. :(

Marian -

Hey, I got coal too! We must be really special!

Temujin -

It seems coal is the new <i>Ferraro Rocher</i>

Coal for everyone! Merry Coalmas!

Gordo -

I got:

<li>a Canadian Tire raincheck for a cool Magellan GPS that was on sale last week and enough gift cards to pay for it.
<li>A fifth of Glenlivet
<li>An hour of work assembling my youngest's train set play table (Thanks, Grandma!)
<li>A tin of Werther's Originals

Boy, the year I gave the wife a lump of coal, I almost died. Yoiks.

gr -

Jaysus, I must have been a good boy.
1) Chivas Scotch
2) Wild Turkey barrel Proof bourbon
3) Glenlivet
4) best of all...Craggonmore

My new year's resolution is, as it has been the last two years, 'drink only good Scotch'. Amen, merry Christmas everybody!
PS-David and you other bad kids, come on down with a thirst, I would happy to share.

gorthos -

Still have Xmas at my moms tomorrow. Lets hope mom gave old Gorthos something he asked for. I always had a disappointing Xmas as a child. I got plenty but all that I got was about 2 degrees left or right of what I asked for. Ask for an Atari 800Xl, get a Ti-994A, ask for a Casio calculator watch, get a watch that tells the temperature, Ask for 3 SPECIFICALLY named Hadry Boys books, get tree others that I didn't have..but not the ones I named. Mom surprised me three years ago with some decet indoor soccer shoes. I am wondering if I accidentally asked for new golf shoes but I make myself believe I did ask for them..

This year I asked my kids for the new CD of the Peanuts Chrismas soundtrack and three specifically names DVD sets as well as a couple of movies. Any one of the above would have been cool.

gorthos -

Sorry folks. That spelling was atrscious. haw haw!

Flea -

i - Maker's Mark.
ii - Dutch peanut butter.
iii - Digital stereo voice recorder gadget for my ongoing home studio building project.

Mike -

No water of life for me this year, but I did get...

* Snowshoes! (Like, modern ones, eh; not like the old giant tennis racket ones. Eh?)

* Lego Star Wars II for PSP! Awesome and funny.

* An Indian food cookbook. ... !

* Me and Ewan got matching Blackwatch tartan jammies. This wasn't really a gift for us, but more for Mommy so she could say "Oh you guys look so cute." (He got a sled, btw, thus my snowshoes.)

* That "Goal!" soccer movie (the ad looked pretty good). Gee, I wonder if the kid will make it to the big leagues ...

Chris Taylor -

Man I am <i>so</i> behind schedule in blog-reading! First off, Merry Christmas to you, Mr. McLeod, and assembled company. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and survived the holiday gorging and travelling.

My goodies included stuff like:

* Frank Miller's <i>300</i>, the graphic novel that reminds us Greeks are famous for something other than souvlaki and university frat houses.

* <i>Design for Impact</i>, a book chronicling the evolution of airline safety cards.

* First-season DVDs for <i>The Unit</i>, <i>Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-Law</i> and <i>Robot Chicken</i>.

* An awesome wireless controller for the PS2. Still have only one game for it, but lately I finish the console games at a rate of 1/3 of a game per year.