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cm -

It would appear that either the nation had no time this weekend to post or they've no recommendation skills.

Flea -

I had to relent at some point. After all, it must be difficult being right once a day when it used to be twice under the old analog regimen.

Alan -

The simpler the truth, the more people are confused.

Alan -

But I do like the idea of selling stuff. Recommending the poster that ought to have gone with that music, the t-shirt you should wear if you are going to buy into that line of thought.

Flea -

There is a reason Marx called it commodity fetishism. There where he saw a challenge I see opportunity.

Flea -

"Though" where he saw challenge... PIMF.

Jay Currie -

My own commodity fetishism is mainly confined to books of which I have several.

I had an interesting digital meets physical experience yesterday when I was browsing and came upon a gorgeous - and most importantly, large - solid wood bookcase not more than a couple of dozen blocks from my apartment. It, two bedside lamps and a wireless mouse were all of $30.00 and a delightful young lady with a farm sized pickup truck kindly drove me and my bookcase back home in exchange for help loading a desk she was buying.

None of this would have happened without the clever people at usedvictoria. And there is a usedtoronto for the flea.

Alan -

There is no digital equivalent - let alone improvement upon - "a delightful young lady with a farm sized pickup truck."