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Darcey -

I was watching that too last night for the first time and got pissed that they cut it off when it was getting real good. Damn CBC giving us a cliff-hanger. I see it as enticement. A method of watch us and we'll slip in a little propoganda during the commercials.

Gordo -

My dear wife treated me to the extended version DVDs of all three of the LOTR movies over the last three Christmases. The orc-slaughter is incredible with surround-sound on and the bass up high .. :-D

gorthos -

I refuse to watch any movie in fullsceen. Instead, as I already own the first movie on DVD (in full WIDEscreen aka letterbox format)I ordered the secon from for $10 and am picking up the third this week elsewhere (zellers) for the same number of sheckels. I have waited far too long for my family to buy them for me (much prompting WAS made at birthday and Xmas times...)

Gordo -

Widescreen all the way, definitely.

Gordo -

I was just out at the Mall (shudder) and popped in to HMV to check out their DVD sales. I found it interesting that while the widescreen version of Serenity is on a 2 for $30 deal, the fullscreen version is $5.99.

Mike -

Oh yeah, I did get "Firefly" series dvd.

CBC ran the theatrical version, Al. More orc bloodiness and less doe-eyedness in the full length version.

cm -

Sorry I'm late to the party. I watched this with my mother, who had only seen the first one. The woman surprised me with her blood lust.