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Mike -

>> I thought were we now all in agreement that the Canadian Tire ad couple was an icon we all should have pride in.<<

My pro-Ted views have been vindicated. Good-neighbourliness, indepth product knowledge, good family man -- CT Guy represents all that is good and Canadian.

Now, the 'stop cooking with cheese' lady... there's never been an ad that grinded upon me so.

cm -

I think Stephane's rather cute, actually, in a geeky sort of way.

Flea -

This Dion character is growing on me too! I will name my first child Kyoto.

Alan -

I have named a favorite sweater vest Kyoto in celebration. The one with the earth tones.

David Janes -

Just got word from a friend who was at the convention:

"Dion won because he had those quintuplets a couple of year's back and he
is Celine's brother..."

gorthos -

I am still ticked about the 6+ ex-officios who may have just been the butterflies in china that caused Hurricane Dion and killed off my man Kennedy. I was fine with Dion until I heard about that.. argh

But then, there is this:

Hans -

Hey Gorthos, Don't put too much credence into that little rumour. The fluidity of ex officio support for a variety of delegates was much more rampant than that. The spin doctors are spinning that one because Kennedy knows he'll be around next time and they don't want to hurt Bob Rae's feelings too badly.

Flea -

Anyone but me wondering why Bob Rae has got zero stick for his change of parties by Belinda Stronach crosses the floor and she is made out to be the Whore of Babalon? I feel defensive of her, is all. Basically, I feel as though if she and I were to meet socially we would hit it off.

Gordo -

Primarily because she's a woman. It's as simple as that. The very same reason she was getting creamed for the Tie Domi "connection" as well.

David Janes -

Trust me, if Stronach was a man there'd be a lot more press about the Tie Domi incident...

imaidcafe is on my "to visit" list.

Hans -

Because Bob Rae's brother is John Rae, former Chretien fart catcher and current Power Corp big wig. In other words, Bob is one of the Canadian elites who can do whatever they want. Another question might be how did Bob become and NDPer in the first place? Answer: the Party didn't matter only that a leadership opportunity was available and Bob was one of the A-list insiders that all the old boys are comfortable with. Hence, when he switched to the Liberals, it was no big deal (for the party power players). You'll note that Bob didn't win the Lib leadership so maybe he was getting some stick from Liberal delegates (if not party big wigs). Although Belinda is an elite in the financial sense, she didn't go to UCC or Trinity with Bob and Michael and Biff and Trip and the lads, therefore no protection in the clubhouse for her. It is true to say that this is, at least in part, because of her gender.

David Janes -

To take the points above seriously

Let Pa be the press a person P is getting before a defection to another party
Let Pb be the press afterwards.

Do you thing Pb/Pa is different for Stronach than for Rae?

Stronach was a sitting member of Parliament and her defection to the corrupt Paul Martin and his gang of ratbags propped up his government which had just ignored a motion of non-confidence.

Stronach was a sitting member of Parliament; Rae was a has-been nobody (though I still think my rule (1) applies here)

gorthos -

If I was a woman I would never date Tie Domi and I would expect the press give a sound lashing to anyone that did. Then again, if I woke up tomorrow a woman, I would make it my life's goal to date Belinda.


gr -

I have been very dissappointed that you folks have NOT been interested in discussing US college football. It is very difficult to understand the appeal of politics in comparison. Who are all these people you have been talking about, I don't know any of them? I mean, Michigan got ROBBED man, and the title game will stink.

Flea -

In my defense, I know nothing about US college football. "Stick to what you know." That's what I always say.