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Hans -

I think its okay for Harper to engage in flushing professed ideologies and/or policies down the toilet in order to blatantly buy regional votes, just like the Liberals did for years, because he's doing it for the common, hard working, lunch pail toting, plaid wearing, coffee shop crowd. The Liberals were always cavorting with the urban intellectual, soft-on-crime, volvo-driving, media elites for their votes. The Harper hypocrisy is justified because its audience has a higher moral righteousness. The audience is willing to overlook the two-facedness since Harper isn't a toady of media elites.

Another example: Does Harper's previous comments about Atlantic Canada's chronic economic dependence square with the maintenance and current administration of ACOA?

Maybe I'm oversimplifying. I dunno. Since all our politicians seem to have no compunction for following anything they advocated or said they were going to do, maybe it really is just the turn of rural Canada to get the goodies.

Matt Fletcher -

1. I think at this point Harper is doing what is right by trying to enforce the mail service rural locations are supposed to get, but that, to my understanding, many are not. It seems to be a reasonable thing for the prime minister to do. I'm sure he'd love to replace Canada Post with multiple private operations, but for now he has to ensure that the mail gets delivered.

2. I think the Publication Assistance Program, as funded by Canada Post, was specifically designed to defray the cost of distributing magazines and newspapers. I believe some type of similar subsidy has been around since about the 1840s (yes 1840, that's not a typo). I think, Alan, if you published a GX40 newsletter in hard-copy and distributed it to the GX40 nation through the post, that you would be eligible for funding - you should think about it.

Alan -

Paperistism strikes again!!!

Flea -

I would love to publish a paper edition of the Flea. I should let any funding bodies know in advance that three-colour printing can get pricey.

Alan -

A daily broadsheet. How to get there?

I did have a 'zine, by the way, called People Who Know Al.

Hans -

My brother published a 'zine way back in the mid '90s, just before this whole internet thing took off. It was kind interesting that after he published a couple of times, he would get the odd piece of mail from various other 'zinemakers across the continent basically saying "Dude, I liked your 'zine. Check mine out" and providing a copy. It was very much like blogging is now with everyone linking to everyone else and it was very "indy" when that word actually meant something, dude, like before Dave Grohl started playing guitar and singing.