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Flea -

From what I can make out, the proposed changes to the UKs already robust copyright protection regimen are intended solely to bring them into line with US law written at the behest of the Disney corporation. This meets the technical definition of irony considering the wealth of materials pirated by Disney from British children's authors.

A little gunboat diplomacy with the ChiComs would go much further toward ensuring the grandchildren of Christina Aguilera's distributors earn their fair slice of work created decades before they were born.

Flea -

And top'o'the mornin' to ya, btw.

gorthos -

I am torn. There are probably 4 groups (I hate saying BANDS, it sounds like I am referring to Tommy Dorsey..) I always purchase whereas anything else available on the net for free (as in ripped) I download with no remorse.

Partially, its a lack of respect for the music industry and the grot they put out. Also it is because I find so little of quality that is worth the expense and effort of actual PURCHASE.

Counter point: I am a digital pirate from waaay back however nowadays I do respect the need to purchase software else certain games and such that I truly yearn for the sequels of, will never produce such due to lack of adequate funding. Case in point: Vampire: Bloodlines... sad sad day, no sequel.. :(

Alan -

It's all about the children.

Flea -

On that we can agree. For how else could I slake my unliving thirst for <i>vitae</i> in centuries yet to come?