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ry -

I'm back. Dontcha wish you'd locked the back door?;)

"Why create a streamlined military based on flawed economic theory when suffocating domination is the tried and tested way? " I can think of at least two.
a) It isn't as tried and tested as you think. The word guerilla is Spanish and stems from when Nappy(Napolean) with his massive Grand Arme tried to subdue Spain. He couldn't do it.
1947. Massive Arab armies from TWO directions get smashed by a ragtag bunch with rather castoff gear using a mix of Big War and Little War strategies and tactics.
Big doesn't equate to victory. It's a tool for a particular job. No more. No less.
b) 'Soldiers in peace are like chimneys in summer'---some English fart who thought it wisdom.

Back to baseball.
Zito may not be the dominate guy he was in the past. He's still an extremely solid pitcher. Anyone getting him is going to see a major improvement in their pitching staff. And a change of scenery has a way of re-invigorating one's career. But $100MUS? I guess that comes down to how badly one wants a WS ring.
In the halycon days we have people claiming that we pay to much for defense while ignoring that when you decide to DO something you need the forces now and not in the 2-4 years it'll take to assemble, train, and equip the force.
Simply put, economics and democratic choice are forcing people to find ways of getting the job done streamlined. It remains to be seen whether it can or cannot be done(Fat Lady has yet to sing imo).

Alan -

Happy New Year, ry, and thanks for that I was quite certain that I had made no sense whatsoever in that bit above.

Gordo -

Massive deals like these, which no person is worth, just make the team in question a target for the mockers of the world. Me, for instance. Every fibre of my being is hoping that this is a bum deal for the Giants. <a href="" target="_blank">Moneyball</a>, anyone?

ry -

Ack. Something odd happened there.

Stuff is out of place. You make sense Al. Even if you do things a bit oblique from time to time. ;)

Ack. Moneyball? Name a team that has actually won in the playoffs following that model? No. No moneyball. Moneyball is the personification of what I hate most about baseball fans---the over reduction of the game to merely stats and probs. Yes, numbers matter in the game, but you can't quantify much of what is imprtant in baseball so you can't really win by a quantified approach. The qualitative element is what makes great coaches and general managers a breed apart from the also ran.

Gordo -

Maybe so, but throwing inane amounts of money at a potential has-been is ludicrous. It has the very real potential to drive away once-loyal fans.

Alan -

I now hate the Giants. They turf Alou Sr., let Jr. go and now this. I hates 'em, I hates 'em!