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Paul of Kingston -

And the Queen is serving up her Christmas message via podcast!!!! That is going to totally rock my old Nain's world.

gr -

Most poetic and thought provoking Alan. Merry Merry!

gorthos -

Who's Queen? We have a Queen?

Jay Currie -

We were thinking Christmas osso buca. And, if the 80 kph gale calms a bit I may take myself to the Cathedral for 11:45 Communion. Last year there was Mozart.

Yes, Christmas is infinitely better than it was when all I could do was wait for the endless Christmas Eve to be over so I was in that crucial "last sleep" before Christmas.

Alan -

Merry Christmas, Jay! Isn't osso buca fancy for sheep shin? I love sheep shin but I am really uncomfortable with ossa buca.

gorthos -

Yum.. Happy Festive Eve..
My wife bought me a bottle of naven liquor! Madagasgar vanilla and french cognac. yumm