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gr -

The system stinks and I am glad you put this up. It should be Michigan and Ohio State, which was a great game a couple of weeks ago and would be so again. I am guessing that southern egos are being stroked here. Fork that, Florida already has warm weather and beaches, Ohio and Michigan is muddy and cold and snowy and where REAL football players come from. (have I mentioned I don't like warm weather football teams? real football is played in cold muck)
This is the problem: NCAA lower football divisions have great playoffs, BUT at the top level there are the bowls and their host cities. You have the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl etc, and so the key would to figuring out how to make a playoff system that uses those bowl games.

ry -

It's those bowl games that's the sticking point, gr. All of those bowl games are mega money to the host cities. Have you any idea how many people flock to Pasadena each year for the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl? Millions. THat's billions of dollars of business caused by the bowl game. Anything that's going to jeapordize that cash cow is going to be met with serious opposition.

Maybe we should just quit the idea of having a national football champion? Because nothing is going to be fair and equitable unless you can get ND to join a confrence to remove the 'at large bid' business, and that isn't going to happen.

College football needs to be razed to the ground and rebuilt or a national championship 86d. Anything other than what's decided by what happens on the field is crap, and that's 90% of what the BCS is, and that's entirely what it was before the BCS.

Alan -

Who owns the BSC? The NCAA or some other shadowy body?

gr -

Yeah, ry, the sticking point is the bowl cities. Not only what the hotels, TV and all the rest generate, but those universities get a fair slice of cash for their appearance. I have seen some really worthless bowl games in my time, but you have to look at the college basketball buzz with those playoffs. perhaps, ry, you and I would agree that big 10 football is the most exciting tradition in big football.
I would imagine BCS is owned by NCAA.