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cm -

Ha! Maybe next week, gr.

Ben (The Tiger) -

Not sure about whether it's the ides of Yule, but the ides of December passed two days ago...

Alan -

'splain that, college-boy. I thought the ides were the 15th as in the miggle. No?

gorthos -

HELP.. I am trapped. I had my first meeting of the day and when time for the second arrived, the main participants had buggered off to something else. They cannot get out of the meeting, I cannot go to work until I hav ethe meeting. I have no work with me...

Their solution, plunk me down in front of a computer and say here, um, have fun, it has net access... argh

hrmm.. guess its time to sabatage the free internet access. fill up the favorites box with pr0n links, add a keylogger to the c drive, ban hotmail via custom security settings.. change the wallpaper to a pic of me..

bored bored, bored...

oh look, shiny

cm -

I don't buy a lot of music to begin with, but when I do, I buy cds for exactly that reason - I like the physicality of them. Of course, I also like stuff, and had 24 photocopy paper boxes of it last time I moved.

gr -

Noooo, some of us are not childish, we're just comic relief, yeah, that's the ticket.

cm -

Why I love the cbc: This headline in my daily newsletter from them: "STUNNING INVENTION COULD ROCK LOBSTER WORLD"

Ben (The Tiger) -

Kinda sorta. It's the 15th in March, May, July, and October. The 13th in other months.

Alan -

I trust you were correct that it was that...but <i>why</i>? You sit amongst the most brilliant of minds, with all the faculties that the Havaaaard libraries and the global internet - plus the eagerness of youth - provide. Tell me why. And do it before 3:30 when that bottle of gin you have starts to sing its siren song.

Ben (The Tiger) -

The Romans worked in mysterious ways...

Alan -

Hey - I went to King's College. You can't pull that sort of stuff on me. Like your Phd applications would contain a line like that. Jeesh.

Ben (The Tiger) -

You'd be surprised...

Ben (The Tiger) -

Just sent an e-mail to the sister-in-law of a friend of mine, who is the top Classics undergrad in the country (or close to it).

If anyone knows, she'll know. (Or get annoyed with me for bothering her.)

cm -

Nap time! Wake me at 4.

Alan -

Undergrad!?!? Well, if the Royal Bloggy Society of Knowledge can be satisfied with the substance I suppose we can accept the source.

Jay Currie -

In March, July, October, May
The IDES fall on the fifteenth day
The NONES the seventh; all besides
Have two days less for Nones and Ides.

Gotta love Wikipedia...Roman Calender. Not that it provides a particularly clear explanation but the fact is that the Roman Calender has never been easy to explain. Which, in its turn, explains the Julian reform and then, when the Julian calender fell out of sync with time and eventually was replaced with the Gregorian (save in parts of the Orthodox world which explains why some, but not all, of the Orthodox celebrate Christmas on January 7).

Adults who have children do not actually need stuff. Their children - not yet hip to the real deal of symbolic manipulation - have 1 gazillion pieces of stuff each, most of which can reliably be found, sharp edge up, on the direct route to midnight snacks or quiet, after dinner, beers. This allows the children to observe, from the safety of their beds, their fathers engaging in symbolic manipulation as they attempt to deal with their punctured foot without using any of the words they should not say.

Alan -

Samuel Johnson's stone is now made by Fisher-Price.

Flea -

<i>This is the problem with the digital world - no stuff. We are creatures of stuff more than we are of money. If things are not acquirable without payment and come with no stuff, why would there be any economic inertia behind that change? It wouldn't. The transactional event is hollowed out. Soon people will clamour in the streets for the return of stuff.</i>

This is the first thing you ever written about digital media with which I have agreed. My own plans involve selling stuff.

Alan -

My plan is playing out exactly as I prayed it would.

Ben (The Tiger) -

Well, she's going to end up head of Classics at one of these places, one of these years...

Her response:

<i>Interesting question. I'm not sure I know the exact
answer, but I can try to answer your question.

The Ides were originally supposed to be the time of
the full moon, and not necessarily the half of the
month. Also the calendar by the time of Julius Caesar
had to be severely altered so the number of days in
month were quite different - some had 29, others had
31, February ended up having 23/24 days, etc.

That's all I know.

Sorry I can't be of more help, and yes the Romans do
work in mysterious ways.</i>

Actually, I'd say that, yes, she did answer it. Full moon, calendar changing, etc.

Yay for research. Or for pulling in connections...

Alan -

I give it an, ummm, bronze sticky in the shape of a star with an extra mini Mars bar for helping out.