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gorthos -

We have no "garage" at the new place, which given the excessive cost amazes me, however the idea of a shed in the woods where one can putter at such important things as an afternoon nap due to rain, unidentifiable noises in the woods, unwanted visitors to the homestead, Bruce Campbell running by screaming, a ringing phone, a visual sighting of bee etc. is a most excellent idea. WIth 2.2 acres, 75% of it rock and trees, I am sure I can find a hidey spot for a nap shed.

cm -

Rhubarb is one of those plants that I never imagined anyone actually planting. I always thought it was simply <i>there</i>. Happy Almost New Year, all!

Gordo -

<p>2006 was the year of the cottage here. Now, the building is finished, so I won't be banging nails on the Island every weekend. I expect 2007 will be the year of the yard as well, here.
<p>I have two apple trees to remove and a play structure to relocate, a lawn to organically tend to and grapes to improve upon. I may look into a pergola as well: the steel conduit structure that holds the grapevines over the back patio has worn out its welcome.

Marian -

Buék as they say here. It means Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Boldog Uj Évet és Kellemes Karacsonyt!

Alan -

This post is two naps in my past. What fine vacation this has been. Plans tonight? None. Happy New year to you all. Tonight my stats package creates a fifth calendar year in which this blog has existed.

David -

Happy New Year's, Al & all.

gr -

'06 was fantastic for us, we are fortunate to say, and best of all, had a chance to raise a glass for the first time, then a few more times, with Alan. Here's to few more in '07 Alan, and many of the rest of you.

Mike C -

Happy '007 to Al and all as well. My Chinese food is heating up as I type, my only New Year's Eve plans thus revealed.


Gordo -

<p>We're having a ham dinner and watching movies. The nine-year-old desperately wants to stay up until midnight. We'll see if he lasts. ;-D

<p>Happy New Year, Al & All!

cm -

I'm off to the Horseshoe to see the Sadies. Hopefully I'll last until midnight myself. :-)

David Janes -

Ha. 12:03 NL time! Happy NY suckers...

Alan -

I know that's just the black rum talking. Three minutes to Atlantic Canada going '007.

Marian -

Photos of New Year's here in Budapest are up.

Gorthos -

I fell asleep at 9:50 or so watching outtakes on my new Clerks II dvd, then I woke, asked spouse if she wanted to go to bed, she said yes and we were asleep shortly afterwars. Thats a record for us, usually we fall asleep on the couch sometime before midnight.

cm -

And there was me thinking I was the first one up. Morning, everyone!