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Mike -

If I start getting imail, I'm just going to pronounce the "i" as an "e". Screw'em.

Alan -

Surely some of the Indo-European dialects have interesting shorter vowel sounds. I think we need to pronounce the "i" as sort of a "yie-augh" sound.

Gordo -

The sheeple have spoken, Alan. Stick 'i' on anything it and it sells like mad. Don't bother fighting it, the war is lost.

Alan -

That is an "yie-augh"-nteresting point of view.

Chris Taylor -

That's only half the picture Alan... iDevices have to be Apple-branded to be true must-have gadgets for the independent-minded urban hipster. Otherwise it's just an inferior corporate clone (like this Cisco VOIP thing) fit only for the suffocating, conformist cube-dwelling ash heap.

Alan -

"yie-augh"-ndependent is close to the the "e-literate thing": iNdependent.<p>And am I the only one more irritated by Apple cool dude than PC chubby suit dude? Man, I cannot stand that Apple punk. What a jerk.

Chris Taylor -

I think Mac OS X is an excellent home-user desktop operating system, heads and shoulders above anything available or planned from Microsoft. But those commercials really put me off the idea of buying any Apple hardware or software. I wouldn't self-identify as a suit-wearing geek necessarily, but I really resist the idea of self-identifying as a smug urban hipster.

The other thing that torpedoes Apple gear for me is the fact that in the world of multi-thousand-user corporate IT, Macs and Mac OS have a market share somewhere in the negative. When Apple starts making inroads into the corporate desktop space, then I will start getting interested and think about adding them to the home network/lab.

cm -

No, Alan, you're not the only one.

BR -

That link is hilarious cm. The kid was good in Ed though. really the best thing about the short lived show outside of the fact that the star was an ex queens bball player.

Alan -

That was really good, cm. I am not alone.