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Mandy -

I hope Andy and Lou are there.

Barbara -

Yeah, it IS a real place. I actually grew up there - (1961 to 1977) Was a tiny village then, about 300 people - haven't been back for decades

michael -

I still live there. Have since 1988. I guess I spent my whole life in Little Britain. Still about 300 people. No one believes me when I tell them about it. That is a real old sign.

Lisa -

I have lived in Little Britain for the last seven years and nothing has changed except maybe the grocery store name and the gas station name. There is 400 people in the big town now!

Travis -

Ya I lived there when I was born. I lived there since I was 10 yrs, then moved. Great town.

Jason -

L.B. is awsome. Iwas born and raised there. Played hockey at the Arena, fished under the bridge and hung out on the stairs on the corner (was then the movie rental place). I left in 1998 and now live in Sweden.

Jeremy Spencer -

My granparents had a farm near Little Britain that I spent all my summer's at, close to Cresswell Church. I remember going to a store called "Kacey's" in the 70's, is it still there?

Jason -

No. Jim Casey sold the store in the late 90's and moved to Trenton. I still have contact with his youngest step son. The town just isn't the same.

James -

Does anyone know Dr. David Fleming Stirling, DVM? He grew up in L.B. Recently, I learned of his untimely death and wondered if anyone would mind talking to me about it.

I attended the university of Guelph with Dave, 1984-'89; he graduated in '92. Our group spent many happy times sifting through reading week, letting off steam at frat parties where Dave was always the most fun, etc. He had a medium-to-small black pup named, "Plato." I understand he moved to Vancouver in '95, married his bride Diane, and had a daughter Ursula.

Though Little Brit is not a booming metropolis, it produced one of the finest people I have ever known. Dave scored 100% on Dr. Joe Prokipcek's "Killer Chem" class, for example, an impossible feet for anyone who knows of this 'weeder' course. He made us all laugh often, heartily, and gave us a reason to forget our troubles during the more stressful times akin to university life.

I hope he will be remembered by the 400 or so people of Little Britain forever.


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I am hopeful that there is someone in Little Britain who knew Dr. David Fleming Stirling, DVM. I learned of his untimely death recently and hope someone has any information. He was a good friend to me during the university of Guelph years and it is shocking to learn that he is gone.

Thank you for you attention into this unfortunate happening.

Kind regards,

James D. Jardine, B.Sc. (H.K.), D.Ac., DHMed., Applied Kinesiologist

brian doidge -

my mom..grew up in little britain... Marie the 30's.. living in toronto... still lots of visits... own corner store back then!

Joan -

Nice to see someone else knows about Little Britain...............Sports Capital of the Kawarthas. I was born and raised there. 1961 to 1987. I haven't been back home in almost 17 years. It is funny how the two schools I went to were made into houses or apartments. As a teenager. Sports-a-rama weekend was the big party weekend.

Angela Myles -

We are thinking of renting a house in Little Britain......can anyone tell me what exactly the town has available? What I mean is will I be running to Lindsay to grocery shop, bank, and for kids spoorts? We have a 5 year old son that we would like in hockey, where do we go for that? And swimming lessons etc. Is there a daycare in Little Britain - we also have an 8 month old and I do plan on going back to work so we will need childcare hopefully close by.

Any info on the town would be much appreciated as we are in Alberta.

Also the house is located at Ramsey Road, East of Marquis Corner (East of where the chip truck is at Simcoe and Ramsey Rd). How far out of town is that???

Thanks so much

Gene Tanner -

I was born in L.B. 27 mar 31. Lived on the main street, and we rented a house from Mr. Kennedy, next door to rhe Moores and acroos the street from Mr. Prosser and the Chidleys..The corner store and post office was owned by Mr. Gord. I knew John and Bill well, Also the Chidley boys. Doris Kennedy was the best looking girl in town. My brother Lance and some of the older boys damned the creek about a mile upstream from town, for a swimming hole. Have many good memories of the village. Will be going there for a visit in the spring of 09. Better get at it, as I'm nearly 78. Live in Comox B.C. now, but that village will always be home.

Angela Munro -

What is the name of the grocery store in Little Britain? Do they deliver? Anybody have their telephone number?

Many thanks


Andy -

Hi there....My wife and I are in the New Market area but would love to move to a smaller town....have visited L.B. and we love it. Does anyone know if the town will be getting a family doctor any time soon? Is there a big waiting list to see a family doctor in the area? Many thanks for the info.

David -

We lived in a small village called Cresswell about 15 miles or so from LB for a couple of years in the late '60's. We came from toronto I remember how shocked I was at how backward and primitive the schools were. I remember that I had to go to school in a actually functioning one-room school house called "Station" school for the kids in grades 2 and 3. There was no plumbing in the school and drinking water was brought in each morning in a large beige ceramic container from a sulphur water source which stunk like eggs. We had to use pointed-bottom paper cups to drink from. The bathrooms were merely outhouse-type places at the back in the school itself which always stunk and the desks where wrought iron and wood and screwed to the floor --straight out of the 1900's. The only modern item was electricity. The teacher was an elderly woman called Miss Graham and she used to ring us back into class after recesses with a hand bell. Garbage was burned each day in an old oil barrel in the back of the school yard. If you wanted the teacher's attention you didn't just put up your hand, the kids there had gotten into this weird habit of whipping there arms quickly in a motion similar to throwing a ball overhand. It was very, very weird! All other grades except 7 and 8 were in the 4-classroom Little Britain Public School which was so old it had separate girls and boys entrances which was strickly enforced to that day (boys were forbidden to use the girls door). Grades 7 and 8 had to go to yet another one room schoolhouse called Ramsey. When we moved back to Toronto after a couple of years, I remember our education was so backward in the two years that my sisters and I had to take extra classes to catch up to the level of the kids in the same grade in the Toronto school system. Oh god, I could write a book about that place. I remember a Red and White Food store (that was the company's name). I was told they were bought out by IGA.

Jack Jeffery -

My father John aged 8 camr from England with his parents and 2 brothers in 1871. I am wondering if there are any Jeffery still in the area

Lucky Mom -

LB is great an amazing area, we bought a house here about 2yrs ago came from Oshawa, Its definatly a lifestyle change espically after being in teh city for over 25yrs, but well worth it. I am currently trying to open my own home daycare, we live in a little subdivision, definatly TONS of kids in the area and great schools. Would highly recommend the area, not far from linday uxbridge or other small towns and only about an hour drive to newmarket.

Nice small community great ppl and LOTS or quite, to me its like being at the cottage all the time!!

Nina Morris -

Little Britain is a great rural community and has produced some very talented people who have done extremely well in spite of "humble beginnings". It has been home to some wonderful people, including my late Mother, Isabelle Glassford, who taught school over a period of 40 years in the area. LB has always been a fierce sports town and I can remember some cliff-hanger ball games between Valentia and Little Britain.

Although the face of some stores has changed there were businesses that were fixtures for years as reflected in these ads printed in 1939 which might trigger some fond memories to those who are still connected to LB. No cell phone numbers, no e-mail contacts just "Phone 80 W" or "48 r 22".

Palmer's Poultry (Cyril Palmer); Decorator/Painter (John Griggs); Superior Stores (George A. Heatlie);
Kitson's Meat Market; Drs. Hall & Hall, Physicians & Surgeons; Red & White Stores (M. A. Goard - General Merchant) ; Electrical Contractor (A. L. Tremeer); The Canadian Bank of Commerce ( W. R. Belt Manager); Mutual Life Assurance Co. (F. S.Chidley); Master Feeds (Wilfred Kitson)

Brian Doidge -

Marie Doidge (my Mom) as per above note.. her father George Heatlie owned Superior Stores...recently passed away suddenly in the beginning of April/09

dawn coombs -

we are moving to LB in Jan and I have two boys 4 and 5 and I am looking for daycare. Does anyone know of any in the area besides the one attched to Dr. George Hall PS? My boys will be on the bus route to Mariposa school. I am only looking for Thurs./Fri. daycare.

dawn coombs -

we are moving to LB in Jan and I have two boys 4 and 5 and I am looking for daycare. Does anyone know of any in the area besides the one attched to Dr. George Hall PS? My boys will be on the bus route to Mariposa school. I am only looking for Thurs./Fri. daycare.


Every time we visit Little Britain to see our aunt we're amazed at the charm and quaint lifestyle that has been kept alive despite the bustling cities not far away. Maybe we'll have to make a second trip this year!

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wesley parsons -

In about 1852 John Olde Parsons moved to Mariposa, from Bude/Stratton, Cornwall. Amazinly on google streetview I can "drive" right past a farmhouse he and Mary rented for 2 years, 1 mile southeast of Stratton. Most of his descendants moved to Michigan, but some moved to Manitoba.

We did our family tree book back in 1967 as a centennial project.

It has a picture of the gravestone on the parsons site in mariposa.

google drives right past.

as well as thru little britain.

But wouldn't know if any of the pix that you can see on your computer right now with google earth, are related.

I guess we were leavers!

today a search only turns up an edwin and a d. parsons in little britain.

robert Hagerman -

Hello all I am trying fo find an old friend that I havent talked to in about 25 years, I think his family owned the IGA. His name is Matt Casey if anyone has an email for him that would be great

RJ Ferguson -

My Grandfather, Robert James Ferguson (his wife and 3 sons and 1 daughter) had a farm in Little Britain. To my knowledge, they lived in Little Britain during the 40s, 50s and 60s and may have lived there earlier. If you have any information about this family of Fergusons, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Doug Campbell -

I am trying to make contact with a Campbell family who have been in your town since the mid 19th century. They apparently have ancestral contacts with Campbells in Belturbet who are my ancestors.

S.P. Bragg -

I remember visiting Little Britain several times as a child. My granddad David Frank Rook and all of his siblings grew up there. I have also wandered the cemeteries gazing at the stones of great and great great grandparents who are buried there. Lovely little town.

wesley -

Looking moving to LB...we're a young family...what is there to offer? Any good churches? What are the dynamics of the town/area? Any insights would be helpful.

Adam Heatlie -

Quite a few of my Heatlie relatives are from there. Contact me if you know any of them!

Mark Henderson -

I am looking for decendents of Robert Stewart Henderson can any one help

Michelle -

Does anyone know what intersection is referred to as "suicide corners" in Little Britian?

Anna -

I am looking to speak to:
"James D. Jardine, B.Sc. (H.K.), D.Ac., DHMed., Applied Kinesiologist"
In response to Dr. David Fleming Stirling.
I can be reached at

Raci -

what internet services are used there, looking to move there. Do they cover all of L.B? More costly than Rogers? Do they offer bundles?

Raci -

what internet services are used there, looking to move there. Do they cover all of L.B? More costly than Rogers? Do they offer bundles?

Kim -

My family moved from Toronto to a place called Cresswell and I had to go on the bus to Little Britton Public School for grade one and two. So that was around 1968. Then it was a very old school where the boys had to go in one side and the girls in another. The gymn was downstairs in the Wow memories. I don't think the old school is there anymore but I'll never forget it. I had a teacher named Mrs. Palmer who loved to use the pointer to wack bad students with. Coming from was a different world...still used old school methods.

Brian Doidge - mother was a Heatlie..I know most of them

Adam Heatlie -

Brian, I would love to know more. Email me please: adam dot heatlie at gmail dot com.

Barbara -

Wow, what a walk down memory lane after reading the comments since my first post in 2005.

David, I went to Station School for grades 2 & 3 as well, would have been 65/66 and 66/67 as I still have my Grade 1 class photo dated 64/64 from the school in Little Britain, with teacher Mrs Nowvakaska (sp?). I seem to recall that she passed away mid year and Mrs Palmer took over the class.

I had forgotten that the facilities were so bad at Station School but your note brought that memory back and the name Miss Graham rings a bell (no pun intended). I remember 'whipping' my arm to get attention too, so hard that my ring flew off my finger one day. Also, we use to put our heads down on our desk mid morning/mid afternoon for our 'rest time'. And the teeter-totter and the swing set which only the 'popluar' kids got to use (I wasn't one of them).

So many surnames that have been mentioned in the above comments have triggered memories. :-)

beccam. -

i have lived in little britain since i was six moths old and im currently 19, this year will be the first year im out of this little town , but as you grow up here you realize that there just isnt enough here the town needs to get more things for kids and adults to do in this town because all we have is the baseball dimonds, the school, the park/arena, and last but not least the good old bick jumps (where i spent most of my time watching the boys do there tricks) but we have really nice stores and north44 is booming with customers all the time (cornner store), and the gas station , pizza place, the eldon road pub, post office, and foodland have bairly changed since iv been here oh and also if you are just driving threw this little what they like to call a hamlet, i would make a pit stop at the spudster its on little britain rb right beside the foodland , and belive me they have awsome food i should know i have lived beside them for 18 years now and the smell of the frys all day long well lets just say you get used to it . but all in all if you were loooking for a quiet town to raise your kids or start a family this town is where you should be plus lindsay is only a 15 min drive from here so thats not that bad. so i hope you come to visit this small town called little britain , whos knows maybe you like it and stay for a while :)

Carolyn Groves -

I am Toronto born & raised and for several years have passed through Little Britain on my way to Haliburton - mainly to visit my favourite bakery with the giant moose statue in front. Last year I was shocked to discover that I am descended from families who settled in the area in the mid-1800's and who played an active role in the community. The family names are Ramsey, Noble, Demara, Porteous & Stevens. I now know that my great grandparents were married right across the road from that same bakery. Life takes some strange twists.

Mandy Morin -

I lived in Little Britain with my mom and dad and bothers Josh ,Mike, and Chris Morin as a kid, and have alot of fond memories and alot of crazy memories of pig roast parties and hay wagon rides i remember a far walk to the Valenitia store with my friend Brandy to buy candy and swimming at Stars beach. We used to climb trees on the trails near the Little Britain boat launch close to my house and help old Mr Star bail hay, play in his corn field untill getting chased out, Atv and snowmobile across the lake in winter to friends on Washburn Island and hangout in the old house that was burnt this is bringing back lots of memories i even did community service at the snack bar in the arena and played pool in the tiny bar i think was called the Dugout on the octagon pool table and rent movies from the little movie rental place this was in later 80s and early 90s I broke my ankle skating on Scugog and broke my arm falling out of a tree on the trails havent been back there since mid 95 and would love to go back and visit sometime soon, if anyone knows me feel free to email me and for the person looking for the Hendersons i do know Steve Henderson form there.

jayson -

I have relatives in lindsay ontario, and ive been over visiting in the 80s/90, ad in 91/92 i met with a friend of mine, a car paint sprayer under the name CONTINENTAL AUTO BODY JIM WOOD from county road little britain, been long time since ad ive not been to canada since, so im now trying to catch up with jim wood. Is their anychance you might no anything? or if hes still trading in lindsay even? Thanks. J


Forgot to give my email address, incase some1 no who paint sprayer james wood is or how i can contact him? my email address thank you. Was a great friend. J

ange -

Looking for a house to rent i l.b., wondering if anybody knows who owns thee house at marquis corners besside the chip truck?

Christine -

I live in Oakwood which is 5 minutes North of Little Britain. If anyone wants info on real estate rentals etc you might find something in the local free paper, Kawartha Lakes this Week. Its a free newspaper that is delivered all over including Little Britain.
Another way is just to go on kiijii and choose Peterborough and then Kawartha lakes and you can get everything including real estate rentals. Alot of people use this because its free.
The old school is closed and made into apartments and there is a new school in Little Britain (Dr. George Hall Public School) and then another one (Mariposa) two minutes out of town. There is a foodland with liquor store, post office, library, credit union, gas station/garage, hockey arena, soccer fields, public health nurse centre (new!) The hardware store where sears was looks to be closed...its for sale just recently. There are alot of things considering this is just a little place. You don't have to drive to Lindsay. 5 minutes up the road in Oakwood there is a curling rink, library, 2 stores
pub/restaurant, pizza place, store with gifts/subs etc, Once kids are out of public school they will have to take the bus to Lindsay for high school.

Christine -

my comments got screwed up....the last line about pub/restaurant, pizza, store with gifts is in Little Britain.