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Alan -

Is that some sort of Dutch slander?

Arthur -

Is that some sort of Dutch slander?

Uh. No. I think it's rap slang: ask your kid.

Alan -

I'm jiggy with that, homeguy.

Mike -


You know, I've never heard someone use the phrase "right some good" in conversation.

I remember Cape Breton cousins visiting Halifax and making fun of us for using the word "Decent!" (meaning "wic-ked!") A year or two later that's what we heard THEM use while visiting C.B.

Alan -

You hang with an odd crowd. Growing up, I rarely heard a sentence without it, especially from the pulpit and the school announcements speaker.

Don -

Our girls really liked the little boy on the tricycle on The Incredibles who, right near the end of movie, yelled "That's totally wicked!"

It's stuck around for a while now.

Ben -

A few years ago on MuchMusic a guy from Labrador City won the chanceto hang out with the band Linkin Park on 'Gonnae Meet a Rock Star.' His reponse to absolutely everything was 'wicked.' At the end of the show when the credits rolled they had spliced together all of the times he had said 'wicked' on air- it easily filled the time needed to roll the credits- I figure it was about 50-60 'wickeds' over the course of a 30 minute show.

Alan -

I have shielded my children from all sources of popular culture as something of a fanatical reaction to the effect of mass media.

David Janes -

BTW: the voice of the boy on the bicycle in _The Incredibles_ is the director's son.

Arthur -

I have shielded my children from all sources of popular culture

My dad tried too but I still ended up in North America. :-)