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Don -

I'm missing it a bit.

The atmosphere at the Corel Centre for the playoffs is unique. The beer gardens they have for those spring games, the kids playing road hockey around Ottawa are rare without the NHL playoffs, Sens flags, etc.

Alan -

Fair enough. I have never been to a playoff game or had a "home team" in the playoffs so only watched on TV. When do the Lynx games start?

Gary -

'Course I miss the NHL! Watching home repair shows instead is no substitute. Right now the Bruins should be kicking some Montreal A$$ in the playoffs...

Mike -

NHL is not missed here. Footie and Q-league hockey are all I need. Halifax squares off with Sidney Crosby tonight in Game 1.

Alan -

Ahh, yes. Watching the Habs lose. The sting of missing that is being covered off by watching the Yanks lose, however.

The Other Ben -

They've been playing (the Lynx) for a while. They have a home game tonight against Syracuse.