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Alan -

Oh me nerves - penalties after 120 minutes and 0-0. The difference so far was Arsenal not having Henry...and Man U having Ruud v. N.

David "Walt" Cronkite -

Hey ya big bag of sod, how the hell are ya? I was at Rob Mills' today visiting his family. I asked about you, how you were, and he told me I could find you online.

The last time I saw you was in Ottawa about 15 years ago. If you want to know what's been going on just see my website. In a nutshell I've been married 16 years, have 2 kids Ana (11) and Max (9). Got my B.Ed. a few years ago and found supply work to be insufficient, so now I'm teaching 22 drum students a week from my home studio.

How about you?

Alan -

Hey Walt - I thought I had my Rob Mill's filter on. Friggin' Radio Shack.<p>I am well and quite happy in Kingston. There ought to be a Truronians of eastern Ontario meet. We have a she-6 and a he-5 and they are both very well. Being a Dad is quite the thing and as long as my lard assness is kept in well check I do not get run around by them.