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Alan -

<center><img src="images/2005b/ribs2.JPG" vspace="10"></center><p>Too long for th epan, the ribs go into a 300° F oven turned immediately to 250° F at 9:45 am, anticipated to be done at 3:45 pm.<p><center><img src="images/2005b/ribs3.JPG" vspace="10"></center>The marinade reserved, BBQ sauce and grated ginger added and set to boil to sterilize and reduce for mopping service. Is it bad that it burns my skin where a sauce drop falls?

Alan -

Three hours in and they are looking fine. Note the healthy laryer of meat on the outside which was the "cap" I asked they leave on, a bonus for using a real live butcher to do your butchery.<p><center><img src="images/2005b/ribs5.JPG" vspace="10"></center><p>The sauce is reducing nicely and as it thickens it sticks to the it were. It's all about the slow concentration of flavours.<p><center><img src="images/2005b/ribs4.JPG" vspace="10"></center>

Alan -

First, flip and sauce the underside for the last hour...<p><center><img src="images/2005b/ribs6.JPG" vspace="10"></center><p> and then full time six hours in...crusty outside, pink within. For stability cut two ribs per portion.<p><center><img src="images/2005b/ribs7.JPG" vspace="10"></center><p><center><img src="images/2005b/ribs8.JPG" vspace="10"></center>