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Marian -

It's War of the Worlds all over again! Let's all run around with our heads cut off. Or am I missing something?

Alan -

I dunno. I just get this stuff in the mail in a manilla envelope and post it according to instructions in green crayon.

John McKay -

I think the Tantrama City project leak is a leak in someone's skull. This is my territory, I know every square inch of it and can assure all and sundry that you would wait on the shore of Cumberland Basin for a ship of any kind to arrive until the meat fell from your bones. There is no need, there is no traffic, and not in a thousand years would enough emerge to pay for lifting the sod across the isthmus. The canal proposals fore this region died in 1873. May they rest in peace.

Alan -

Are you related to First Minister Designate of the Tantrama City Provisional Government, John McDonald MacKay Archibald or the opposition? I cannot respond until I know you affiliation.