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Humblebub -

Ah, Lake George village..the land of my mis-spent youth and Montreal girls.

For the best breakfast, go North out of Lake George on towards Bolton Landing. About 3 miles you will see the Lone Bull restaurant on your right. Eat and be happy. Ask if Karen is there and tell her I sent you. Hope that she gives you a hug. She is an dear friend from many years ago and I never miss a visit when I am there.

I plan to pass through there about July 5/6 and I am already looking forward to the hug.

Alan -

Sounds good. How long will you be on the road? I am thinking of taking the kids to the Cape Vincent French Festival on Saturday the 9th of July in the NY 1000 Islands: see this and this for an explanation.

Humblebub -

Heading out on the bike on July 02 and will go where the wind blows. Very imprecise plans see me in N. New Hampshire that night, Montgomery NY on the 3rd, Lake George area on the 4th, Montreal area on the 5th and winding back to PEI on the 6 or 7th.

When I travel on the bike, plans have a way of changing because there is always an interesting road to follow.