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If you go to the z-o-o in s-y-r-a-c-u-s-e, don't skip over the indoor exhibits, particularly the itty bitty neon colored tree frogs!

Jennifer -

Alan...many congrats on winning the wee football may know already that Rangers have won their league by the opposition losing 1 nil to an even team!

Please may I take you back to AA Gill...I am desperate to replace a copy of the article when he and Clarkson came to copy got worn out with much passing around amid laughter.
I guess I know at least five Yorkie couples who could have been the additional players!!

It is the one where the woman's face was something as seen on the prow of a whaler and a fight ensued where J Clarkson got poked in the eye... Any ideas on how to replace it...the archive was useless .Regards Jennifer

Alan -

NYCO - wee itty bitty neon tree frogs? Where the heck were they? I had a howler monkey screaming at me from four inches away through plexiglass. That was quite the thing. The red pandas were quite the thing as well. Is there any concern as to the elephants. I though they were in a bit tight of a space.

Jennifer - I have no source to the AA Gill information. I am but a passing reference in his life's work that has turned into something of an eddy for others like me.