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Cyn -

That photo disturbs me. Innocent children being paraded around in jail-like clothing. No colour, no individuality, all looking exactly the's sickening.

The photo's caption reads:
"Young Buddhist monks march in Seoul, South Korea. The children have entered a monastery for 15 days in the run-up to celebrations marking Buddha's birthday on 15 May."

Religion turns me off.

portland -

because they're gorgeous, women adore them (check out the fawning korean yummy moms), and they only half believe all the crap they're being fed (check out mr. sleepy). and they like a parade.

portland -

and i look really good in my pjs too.

Alan -

Well, we all know that.

portland -

hey, you look good in your jammies too. let's shave our heads and dress like that.

Alan -

We just need 12 other guys to do it too and we'd have a rally on our hands.