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Marian -

I'm fond of BBC World too. We listen to RFI/BBC on the radio. It's great stuff. I'm with you on the voting machines too.


Oh! I only watch British election coverage for the Loonies. There is always a Loonie in Sedgefield (well, a real Loonie, not just the loonie that is the prime minister) I thought I saw not one, but three wackies on stage with Tony last night.

Erik Sorenson -

Big deal about holding back election results. They don't have four and a half time zones to contend with.

Alan -

It would not really touch on that as all ridings are all delayed about the same amount - about 4 or 6 hours - though a few straggers are still outstanding now over 24 hours after the polls closed. Practically, it would cause a really really late night, though for Maritimer Canadians who were election nerds waiting until dawn for the BC riding to report only after all polls were in.

Ben -

Do we really want to sacrifice the accuracy of the count just to know a few hours faster?

That is apparently the choice we have made in North America, especially in the United States. I don't understand it. Are we all such children? Sometimes I think that the people need a collective slap in the face with an admontion: "we'll finish when we finish."

Pencil and paper, hand count. Save the ballots; have a hand recount if the results are close.

Easy as pie.

Alan -

Pie...mmmm....pie is good...Ben must be right...pie...mmm....