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There is a nice jetsicle near the Syracuse airport as well, although I can't recall exactly what it is. An F-something.

Alan -

Can you place it on the gmap for me?

The Other Ben -

I do believe there's a jetsicle in the new Canadian War Museum lobby. How often do you get to see a jetsicle indoors?

Alan -

Sweet. You must get it on pixel.


I think this is where the jetsicle is located (Hancock Field USAF Base). If not, it's definitely very close by. Hopefully it hasn't been moved. It's at the entry drive to this installation.,+syracuse,+ny&ll=43.106201,-76.066550&spn=0.057495,0.114694&hl=en

Dr_Funk -

There are, or where, two jets on sticks near CFB Ottawa (near the Airport), a Voodoo and a CF-100 Canuck, if I remember correctly. I'll see if I can get some pictures for you, Alan.

Alan -