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David -

A little bird whispers in my ear that the Liberals plan to lose a non-confidence motion next week and plan to compaign on (1) the budget (2) the CPC and the BQ are in bed together.

I think I'll sit out the next election.

Alan -

I think they are well placed to do that now, thanks to the arse kicking they gave the Tories. It is a sad day when you know a party needs in its time of trouble men of steel like Joe Clark and Bob Stanfield.

Alan -

This extended quotation from two gents in a tavern from the CBC news web site on the proper role of an MP to the average Newfoundlander is beautiful:<blockquote class="smalltext">"I think they should be wetting their pants, at this point. They should have stood up for Newfoundland," said Clyde Rose, who had watched the budget vote in a St. John's bar...<p>"I really don't understand where they're coming from, where their loyalty is," said Rose.<p>"I'm surprised these two Newfoundland MPs had so much difficulty deciding how to vote," added Liam Walsh.<p>"They're either completely out of touch with their constituents or they're so far in Stephen Harper's pocket they don't know the difference." </blockquote>I am stunned that the word "arse" appears nowhere in their learned opinion.