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Matt F. -

I disagree that its a good graphic. What are Stinson and Chatters doing in the Lib/NDP column? What's Milliken doing in the Con/Bloc column? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to be flipped?

Matt F. -

I also disagree with the statement:

"The point here is that five back benchers have control of the fate of the government."

It only appears that they have control because they remain undecided. If Layton chose to bolt from the alliance that would decide it. If the Bloc chose to abstain that would decide it. Better yet, if Martin could put forward legislation that could gain the confidence of a large majority of the house, that would decide it.

What annoys me about this situation is that when this is all over and the Libs have lost by one or two votes everyone is going to be saying some variation of 'Carolyn Parish single handedly defeated the Liberal government.' Actually the Liberal government will be defeated for not putting forward policies that Parliament can support. One vote has little to do with it. This is just more focus on process over substance, the indirect political question.

Alan -

I sorry you feel that way, Matt. I guess I will just cancel that summer BBQ in your honour.

Matt F. -

BBQ? You host good BBQ's. I've seen the pictures.

Anyway, the graphic is now much improved.

Alan -

You are redeemed. Wear a white linen suit today in honour of your redemption.

Alan -

This is the way someone's world ends according to today's <i>Globe and Mail</i>:<blockquote class="smalltext">The Conservatives secured the vote yesterday through a surprise move that they had quietly planned days in advance with the Bloc Québécois. Two Tory MPs who have cancer are being flown in for the vote, and all 54 Bloc MPs are in Ottawa today. B.C. Independent MP Chuck Cadman, who had chemotherapy treatment yesterday, will not be there to support the Liberals, so the Tories should have the votes to win.</blockquote>Nice touch on timing it according to Cadman's chemo.