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portland -

brutal. brutal. put them on. i'm gonna ask if they'd rather come live with me? what are you doing to my little friends? jesus, don't you know that if everybody in israel and the gaza strip got 10 solid hours, there'd be no problems in this stupid world? you cant shake little kids awake, if you dont have to. i mean, if you have to, sure but......

don't do it. awwwww jeez.

Alan -

It was ok in the end. A bit dazed at the particular angle of the sunrise at 8:10 am in the car. Heck - twice in my childhood I had to deal with the lack of seatbelts in our old car and a door that happened to open unexpectedly on fast taken corners. Life is spicy.

Mike -

If they're up by 6:44am, will you yell


holding it as long as you can?

Will you?

Alan -

I have already indoctrinated the kids into the "GO-LO-LO-LO-OOOOOAL!" cry for everything else in life so why not?