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Mike -

I'm joining some friends at Maxwell's Plum, where there will be tasting of beer and watching of soccer. Wearing my Halifax Town shirt.

I'm more or less neutral, but still smarting from that 7-0 trouncing...

Alan -

Don't tell herself but I just picked up a sweet long sleeved Roma away for under 50 bucks delivered.<p><center><img src="images/2005b/roma.JPG"></center>

Mike -

I've bought seven from Gary so far -- two Everton, an NEC and a DANKA sponsor; a black Celtic with Carling sponsor; a Celta Vigo with Citroen spnsr; a plaid Scotland one; a purple Spurs with HP sponsor; and the Halifax Town.

Must. Refrain. From. Ordering. ... at least for another month or two.

Alan -

Ahh - the virus has had its intended effect. I buy about half Gary and half eBay. I think I have the same plaid Scotland.

Matt F. -

Uhg. Man U. v. Arsenal?

Could I possibly hate these two sides any more than I already do?

I'll be chearing for the refs to send-off five players from both sides simultaneously, causing the game to be abandoned.

Yeah, I wanted Newcastle-Chelsea.

Mike -

Watch Ian Wright's first goal with Palace against Man.U. in the 1990 final (it ended 3-3, ManU won the replay).

Alan -

I am not a rabid Arsenal fan, Matt, so much as a fan by chance as I was taken to a game there when I was 13. My real love is Morton FC but they are a long way from the SPL championship. That being said, I love how Arsenal works but I fear that the wheels are coming off the version that went undefeated last year. The goals against are softer. Cole is being courted away by money and today I think Henry, the most beautiful player in this era, is out. We are looking for some of the young players and Bergkamp to perform a bit of a miracle. Anything to see Roy Keene lose and Ferguson's face to discover new shades of red. Both have the weakest keeping they have had in years.

Arthur -

Arsenal (yea!) and Man U. (booo!).

Spurs Rock!

[did I say that??]

Alan -

Remember to read the entire archive in the bestest named Arseblog for the context of today's game of fitba.