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Rusty -

I don't know what the caption reads, but HRH Philip might have said something like this at the time: ".... Oh that's a rum thing! One of those wags from the papers with a daguerro-type machine taking my picture on this bloody moped! Well, as we used to say when we took a catholic for mistress... Fun to ride til the lads at the club find out, wot!"

Alan -

Perhaps something to the effect of the Prince participating in a program of his own design for royals to take steps towards understand how the little people live.

Arthur -

I was more or less thinking of the Easy Rider movie (so if this picture was shot on purpose, the photographer must have been a genius. So my caption would be:

"His Royal Highness reprising the role of Dennis Hopper for the follow-up of cult movie 'Easy Rider', appropriately named 'Easy Rider 2'."

Arthur -

Uh... Maybe even better: since the original tag line of the movie was:

"A man went looking for America and couldn't find it anywhere!"

I can think of hundreds of variants...

Aaron -

"The Easy-Rider centerfold that did not make the cut"

Alan -

For some reason right now I am convinced he was actually going in reverse when the photo was taken but not aware of it.

portland -

"at last, something to run the little people over with."

Xmarksthespot -

" More pleasurable than what I usually straddle, isn't it?"

SayNay? -

"The Queen is not amused when the Duke plays with his small equipment"