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Mike -

I love Christmas, but I'm not religious. I'm not 'anti-religion' either, though I'm not sure my treatment of Christmas makes it into the 'spiritual' category. I try to bring your first and fourth points together and celebrate the beautiful Christmas story as a symbol of the birth (and strengthening) of human compassion, both in me and in others; the longest night, but also the week in the year when the days start to get longer, the birth of light and hope in the year, the birth of it in me, etc. I try to think of it that way, anyway. And just partaking in the collective merriness, as you say.

Alan -

I suspect you and I are wee Campbellite pagans at heart. It would be interesting to know more about the mid-winter celebrations in the homeland circa 1600 or so. I have heard that the McLeods only began with the Gaelic after that point, still pretty much working in old Norse. I wonder how much of Odin and Thor (and all the other Marvel Comics characters) were being toasted in the longhouses.

Arthur -

Odin and Thor

Isn't that a movie with the title song by Alanis?

Arthur -

On a serious note: when I entered this country 5 years ago, I was shocked when I actually experienced the Christmas madness in North America. I have mixed feelings about this, naturally.

GR -

It is easy to imagine Alan's ancestors in the cold and wet, wearing skirts.