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The Tiger in Exile -

Whoa. Maybe these things <i>are</i> huge, then.

My advice/hope: vote anti-Liberal. That is, look at your riding's results from last time out, look at the candidates to see whether something big has changed, and then, if it's going to be close, vote for the Tory or NDP candidate who has a better shot at winning.

If it isn't going to be close, give Jack's boys and girls your annual buck seventy-five.

Alan -

The trouble with relying on the local riding is the excellence of all candidates, including the incumbant leader who is the Speaker of the House. One of the finest displays of neutrality were his jokes at the crucial moments of Parliamentary crisis this year. His announcement from the Speaker's chair of a reception to be held in "Room 260" later in the day just prior to the vote of no confidence that tossed the government was met with a roar from all sides of the Chamber.

The Tiger in Exile -


You'll just have to be conflicted, then.

Or... <i>move to the dark side</i>...

David Janes -

Funny. I'm thinking of not voting, for the first time ever. Mulling mulling mulling...

Flea -

Whereas I have decided to vote NDP. And that's after my coffee.

Alan -

Seems like we needed that "Party of the Flea" as an honest place to park an honest vote after all.

Darcey -

I got a new orange toque (reversible even) and so my old one is just laying around doing nothing. Actually Alan - I judge you to be about as right-wing as John Kerry and so would fit in fine with the majority of the Tories. Despite all the yipping that's about as dark as it will ever get.

The Tiger in Exile -

Go, Party of the Flea!

Alan -

Darcy, that is a comfort to me and others whose sole wish is for nothing very interesting to ever happen again. I do like the idea of ice troopers from the sky but fear that is that small voice of Johnny Sokko in me speaking.

SayNay? -

Anything that I say, will just ruin the moment - oh, there, I just..."inside voice, use your inside voice" tehheehee....

Alan -

One would not be wise to unleash the voice of Johnny Sokko, given his control over Giant Robot's powers. It is, actually, a sad point with me that Johnny Sokko and Giant Robot have not achieved the notoriety they so richly deserve. That in itself might be just cause for the unleashing of his unholy intergalactic powers on an ungrateful planet.

Darcey -

Currently I believe we have 20-25 inuit rangers who patrol once a year on ski-doos with British 303's. Not sure about the 303's just what I heard.

We have a huge space up there. Maybe we can send robots ;-)

Alan -

<p><small>you...are...a</small> GENIUS!!!<p>It works with the Liberal Party's innovation policy as well as the need to transfer funds through the NRC to IT projects that make no sense.<p>But, how about this...what if any resident of the territories could join a militia, get a wage and - like the Swiss - create an armed community and non-stop vigilence. It would create a more robust economy there, too.

jim -

If they are anything like our lot you really have think long and hard and then decide not to vote for them.Although if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place as I was in our last general election, you could always 'spoil' the ballot paper

Alan -

I know it is weird, Jim, as we do not have Scots Nationalist here in Canada on the ballot. I wish we did. I wish Canada could vote to set Scots free like Grannie would have. But it is not that bad. Our Tories are really Blair's New Labour. By comparison, our Liberals are Blair's New Labour. On the other hand our NDP, the party of the left is Blair's New Labour. We have a vibrant political scene here based mainly on who says something mean in Cantonese and then we punish them unmercifully for not being nice.

Jean -

Jeez're scaring me. You really are.