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SayNay? -

Day 15: Just turned the channel from Shirley Douglas droning on, again, about "Tommy's Vision" as a prop in Layton's Health Care "news" conference.

Tell me, does the Douglas family have some sort of "patent" on the Canadian National Waiting List (aka our National Health Care System) or something? And when does this frigging "patent" run out? Jeez, it's like she's some sort of GD Oracle that must be consulted about "Tommy's Vision" when "changes" are proposed (but I'm sure none of us have run into this Oracle or her progeny Kiefer, waiting for treatment in an ER/Walk-in-Clinic anywhere in Canada)...quickly becoming an insufferable bore.

ALan -

While I appreciate your nerves at the site of Ms. Douglas, please stick on point. I promise I will give equal or at least some time to NDP quesitoning. I am beng much more distributive this election of my cogitations.

SayNay? -

Alright, alright, jeez you're so uptight.

So Taylor's research implies: (a) Reid just came from the pub when he made the "beer and popcorn" statement, or (b) that's the first thing that came to Reid's tiny mind as to what he would spend a little extra cash on?

Alan -

I think it is just impressive, if you know the pubs of Ottawa, as to which he is a patron. Nothing for Irene's that I could see, however.