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Marian (Budapest corresp. currently in Mehico) -

I wouldn't eat the Krampusz, it's mainly for decoration. I'm in Mexico, by the way. I went through Ottawa and posted your package from there. A bit of a cheat, but otherwise who knows when it would have arrived?
I may have to rekindle my blog for a short time to post pictures of my trip.

Alan -

I saw the Ottawa post mark. That is a long way for a bit of sand.

SayNay? -

I must say, not naysay, very nice of Marian to think of you - and the wahwah peddle sounded like a bit of divine inspiration - permitting for a little bit of "Let's Get in On" going on with the Garritys, no doubt: "wahwahwah,wahhh I've been really tryin, baby...."

SayNay? -

That's "it" on - oh, you know what I mean.