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anon -

[Ed.: <i>A writer from BC has posted this link as comment...</i>]<blockquote></blockquote>

Alan -

In reply I can only point out:<ul><li>There is a presumption under that link that one would be interested in taking sides;</li><p><li>There is also a presumption that a certain someone has not spent the revenue from the CBC gig like a drunken sailor well before any coin has actually passed into his possession; and</li><p><li>If my past practice is any measure, I prefer to quit things in a solitary way so as to have less effect.</li></ul>

Flea -

"I prefer to quit things in a solitary way so as to have less effect."

That right there is a classic.

Hans -

anyway, in relation to your actual post, that Klander guy is clearly lying about writing his blog for small circle of friends. Every politico knows blogs are public. I think his problem was not that he didn't think people would see it; rather, I think he thought he was actually being funny. It was a pathetic display on a number of counts. Its good to know that Al, you're not the dumbest blogger in Canada.

Alan -

It's not so lonely down here among the lower rungs anymore, Hans.