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The Tiger in Exile -

I had a suspicion -- in part, because Peter Mansbridge was so determined on the matter on The National.

The other stuff is just background noise, I know. Revealing of a mindset, sure, but not really something that sticks.

But, you know, I thought that Adscam was big. And I thought that the delayed confidence vote combined with the Stronach move combined with the Grewal tapes was a big deal. So I don't trust my own judgment on what is huge or not, anymore.

Alan -

I was restricting my hugeosity to things arising within the election so, yes, those things are big, too, but not as the local US used car guy says "HUUUUUUGGGGG-AH". And yes there are points to those who can name the used car dealer in question.

The Tiger in Exile -

I was unclear -- I'm not disagreeing with your post or with your comment, not at all.

I'm just saying, when those other things had about as much impact, in terms of dislodging government support, as a pebble dropping into a lake, I don't know what huge is.

As for used car showmen, the only one I could name was the late Al Palladini...

Alan -

What is huge? What an excellent question.<p>I had become so accustomed to members of the conservative cabinet of NS being investigated by the police in the 80s, by the Saskatchewan Tories being jailed in the 90s, by inquiry after judicial inquiry after judicial inquiry now reviewing the acts of the Harris government, I thought that these things only happened to Tories. What is huge is whether something like this could have actually occurred.<p>But one thing is key to whether this is really huge. If the call for Ralph to step down is based on Ministerial responsibility without personal involvement, I think that is slightly less huge. We have a month left of the election and it would be wise not to have a key member of the cabinet step down if they themselves were not actually involved - who would replace them? Who could get up to speed? Is there any available former Finance Ministers able to take charge? Oh...yes, of course. I forgot.