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Damian -

The problem with expanding elite units like JTF2 is that at some point they cease to be elite. Better to develop a separate unit with more men and a different focus. And the nice part about calling it Airborne is the boost to Army morale that comes from standing up a once-proud and distinguished unit.

ry -

I don't understand the greatness of Ignatieff. Okay, so you've got a situation where Country X is a threat to his neighbors security and world security, but isn't a human rights nutcase. According what little I saw of Ignatieff's 'test' you wouldn't go. Maybe there's an element of this I'm missing being in the lower 48 and it isn't covered as much?

Alan -

That is true I suppose but I understand that there are still plenty of these guys out in the field from little NZ's 250 and the US's gazillions. Canada could specialize like we do in communications or Norway does in winter ski war fought on cliff faces with only fish bones, spit and string as weapons. That is not a slur, by the way. If all the ramblin' neo-cons dream falsely of a home in the USA, I dream of Norway living the <i>vida Norge</i> - land of the free.

Alan -

Ry - we are told we have a weakness for a seeming smarty-pants out of the UofT. He may go either way as yet.

ry -

I'm just wondering if he's trying to do what John Kerry wished he could have in the last US election cycle, actually have a useful test(I guess they want something like the Reasonable Man test or the other tests in law) about when to go or not go. I'm also wondering if there's more on this test out there I can look at.
A test, or the desire for one, makes sense(particularly if you think the world is rational). I just wonder if the one he's proposing is practical.