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GR -

To misquote Oliver Twist 'more cheese, Sir, please'.
Alan, what unites our minds, even though we are from different countries, have different favorite hockey teams, and possess different pets is our love of the sour and musty. The wife and I are veg, but not vegan, so our xmas dinner consisted of cheese and cheese. Specifically, fresh 3 cheese tortellini in a homemade (new recipe!) wine, cheese and basil sauce. No doubt this is what Gromit and God will eat on judgement day, it is that good.

Arthur -

Sambal Oelek, a firey Indonesian


cm -

Chicken bones! Specifically, a bag of Ganong chicken bones (none of those no-name brand imitations, thank you very much). As an added bonus, my mother shipped a small tin of scotch cakes. With careful rationing, I had enough to do me until Christmas Day. Actually, there's still one left...

Alan -

I have a relative with the chicken bones affliction. What are scotch cakes? Are they the scotch mints in short tube or columnal form?

Knut Albert -

We have lots of beery food. Pickled herring in various sauces. Roast rib of pork - always a challenge to get the crackling perfect. The traditional Christmas cheese here is Edam, but I have hidden some stilton somewhere. Have to eat it before someone complains about the smell.

After all the fatty food we have planned to have a salad for dinner today. Time to let the liver have some rest, too.

cm -

Mmmmm...cracklings...nothing like a good piece of crispy fat to perk you up. Scotch cakes are similar to shortbread, cut into small circles with white icing and half a maraschino cherry on top.

Mike -

Is ordering Chinese food on New Year's Eve popular elsewhere? It's sure popular around Halifax, and we'll be doing it again this year.

Alan -

For me a scotch cake is an empire biscuit as long as the white icing is almond flavoured.