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GR -

By God it is an ugly sight. Cover of the NY Times online right now: Johnny Damon, shaved beard, trimmed hair and a Yanks uniform. What kind of fascist 'I want to take over the world' kind of person is George S.?

nathan -

I didn't discover the Sleepless Goat until just before I left Kingston.

Marian -

God rest ye merry gentleman, let nothing ye dismay. Remember Christ our saviour, was born on Christmas day, to save us all from Satan's power when we had gone astray. Oh tidings of com-fort and joy, comfort and joy. Ohh-oh ti-dings of comfort and joy.

Marian -

Sorry, it was the choir boys that did it.

Alan -

And it is simply evident that nathan is smarterer than me so this bodes well for my lentil intake opportunity in 2006. How is the way of the wah-wah workplace?

Hans -

Merry Christmas and a Happy Bloggy New Year, Al!

Gordo -

I discoverd today that Ten Thousand Villages on Princess Street carries fairly traded, organic coffee. I came away with a pound of medium roast Bolivian for $9 ... I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow. :-)

ALan -

Nine bucks is a good price for a pound of FTO.

cm -

I'm off to a punk anti-xmas show tonight. Should be fun. I've never been to a punk show before. I'm assuming I should wear all black?

Alan -

Jeans and spit, baby, jeans and spit.

'nee -

Does nobody read Independent Voice anymore? There's all yer fair trade producers in Kingston. :)

'nee -

Gordo: Ten Thousand Villages carries <I>all</I> fair trade stuff, it's a great cooperative. And, of course, the Goat is always amazing.

'nee -

... and by "producers" I meant "retailers"

Gordo -

'nee: I've been waiting axiously for a Ten Thousand Villages to grace us with its presence since I heard about the organization a year or two ago. A fabulous concept with amazing products to boot. :-)