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SayNay? -

I would question the Star reporting on the "hate" comment, and would like to think it was taken out of context - the Citizen's report on this is that Harper "...suggested Paul Martin isn't popular with most provincial premiers...". No reporting of that he used the "hate" word. Maybe he did use it in the context of saying something like "they hate Mr. Martin's false promises" or something like that...

You had to have a chuckle at Harper's comment about Martin being "the school kid yelling insults from a safe distance" to the US, and Martin "would know how to throw a punch to save his life" or something to that effect ("Hold me back, someone, hold me back") - from what I saw of him during that announcement/"news" conference, and taking questions, Harper looks pretty relaxed and focused...dare I say "Prime Ministerial"...and the gap has narrowed to 2 points...brace yourself.

Alan -

Don't be too disappointed when the Liberal machine shows up for work on December 27th.

'nee -

Speaking as somebody who is working on a local campaign, I can assure you that everything is just slowing down for the holidays. They (we, I guess) know that nobody's really paying attention except the politics wonks (us, right? :) and that everything that is said now won't exist on December 27th. Scratch that - January 2nd, really. Everybody's just saving their money for the big push. Polls don't matter now because nobody who votes (the middle class) is concerned with politics right now - they're concerned with Christmas shopping and how to get the van out of the shop in time for this weekend's mad rush to the stores.