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Flea -

Snobbery is often a force for good. I remember my Maoist ex-girlfriend taking me to task for the price I paid for my Donna Karan suit. "Isn't that overconsumption?", she asked, rhetorically. "Actually," I replied, "this may be the one garment I have ever purchased where the women who made it are actually being paid a fair wage on every stitch."

Not that my argument carried the day. There are all too many progressives for whom the appearance of propriety rather than an engagement with introductory economics is all that needs to be upheld. So, excellent snob choice with the coffee then.

Cyn -

Timothy's World Coffee in Charlottetown brews and sells fair trade as well.
It costs a wee bit more than the shat they serve at Tim Hortons. But, being a coffee snob, I will pay more if it means a real cup of coffee.

Alan -

I am wearing Doc Martins I bought in Edinburgh in 1986. Quality can also be cheap in the long run. If I ever bought a suit I would be sure it was Flea-tastic.

cm -

I don't drink coffee myself, but I did buy fair trade for the gentleman I was seeing over the summer. It's still in the freezer for anyone who wants it. I taped the documentary, but haven't watched it yet.

optimus -

Fair trade roasts are available locally from Coffee & Co. as well as from The Sleepless Goat. The latter's roasts are shade grown and 'bird friendly' as well.

Don -

Buy Canadian coffee! Stand up for Canada!

Alan -

Torbrano! There are no Canadian coffee plantations...unless those secret rumours about New Bunswick are correct. <i>CONFESS, TORBRANO, CONFESS!</i>

Don -

Ummmm - does that mean Tim Horton's isn't using Canadian coffee? I knew those American Wendy's guys would destroy our institutions.


Actually, I'm not that pessimistic - I believe every Tim's has local grow-ops producing their fine beans.

Gordo -

Multatuli Coffee in Kingston Township carries a number of organic and fairly traded coffee:

Alan -

Excellent knowledge, Gordo and optimus.

GR -

Green Mtn Coffee Roasters have many fair trade, organic coffees, some of which they have partnered with Newman's Own to market. This is the good stuff we drink at home every day. It was a big surprise last summer to hear that McDonalds of New England and some of northern NY were going to start brewing fair trade Newmans Green Mtn organic coffee. I don't go to the golden arches, and it is a fantastic step for them. However, why do I imagine that it isn't the same perfectly and STRONGLY brewed stuff I have at home?
P.S. the state of VT gives cups of the stuff away FREE at their highway rest stops, and it is strong and does taste good. Maybe this is only certain busy weeks, but you gotta love Vermont.
P.P.S. My home state of New Hampshire has enormous liquor stores at highway rest stops. What does that say about us?????

Alan -

We bring back Green Mountain Coffee when we are over.

SayNay? -

You're right Al, this was an excellent program on TVO, with some startling statistics. Did I hear this right: that Starbucks is the fourth largest coffee company in the world, by revenue, but only purchases about 2% of the annual world crop? But I also got the impression that Starbucks, while supporting CARE, could, in the filmmakers' opinon, do more to "trickle" down the profits to the labourers and small growers.

Alan -

I think Starbucks only agreed to sell fair trade after protest.