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alfons -

Second to the left: Leffe. I like that. I think it's the dubbelbruin.

Alan -

We get that here at the LCBO these days but it is just called brown. It was on tap last summer in a few places but, alas, gone. I think it is about 6%. Would that make it a dubble? What is a simple brown? If you can supply some vital low country info, I was hoping at some point to write about the Belgians I am familiar with here beyond the wittes.

alfons -

Leffe's from Belgium, here's their page:
Both 'blond' and 'dubbel bruin' taste good - they're a bit if luxury beer: I used to bring them to my work when there was yet another downsizing round at work.

Alan -

I think we get them both here in Ontario, then. Interbrew owns Labatts so we get some exchange. Exploring the bruns of Belgium would be a very pleasant summer's occupation.

Ale Fan -

Alan - you're very kind to give us a mention, thanks.

The Leffe is Radieuse, the nicest of their beers - a rich red beer packed with lots of interesting flavours.

Alan -

Nice. That is not here but perhaps at Christmas. The LCBO stocks in November and you get all sorts of good stuff like that. Orval last year. I tihnk I will be paying a visit to the Galeville Grocery in early December too for stocking of stockings.