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Alan -

Prices noted:<ul><li>

Gasoline: 87 octane gas in Clayton New York was 2.18 USD a gallon which works out at 60 US cents a litre (3.58 litres to the US gallon) or 81 cents CND (at a 1.35 exchange rate. The same basic grade is 86 or 87 cents CND in Kingston per litre.</li><li>

Genny six pack: At the LCBO, 7.00 CND all in. At Cape Vincent, 4.50 for the beer, 30 cents for the bottle deposit plus 1.40 of the entire purchase of 21.27 or an effective 6.6% sale tax for another 30 cents USD on the six. That makes 5.10 USD for the Genny which is 6.88 CND.</li></ul>

Not much of a premium on living in Canada as far as the necessities go.

Nicholette Cougler -

Hi My Name is Nicholette Cougler,
My Grandparents Jean and George Cougler used to own Tibbets Point LightHouse in Cape Vincent Ny.
I had a question about the lighthouse in the middle of the lake and was wondering if it was on the land where tibbets point is located now? Is the lighthouse haunted?
Please write me back!
Nicholette Cougler

Alan -

I don't know if any are haunted but there are a number of lighthouses in the lake off of Cape Vincent on both the US and Canadian sides as there is so much shallow water around.

Nicholette Cougler -

Hi again
I miss the lighthouse so much.
I was wondering do you know Jean And George Cougler?
Also, where did the lost lighthouse come from?
Thanks again!!
,Nicholette Cougler