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Ale Fan -

I'm sure that in the dim and distant past I've had Pete's Wicked Ale and enjoyed it. I've had Sierra Nevada Pale Ale recently and enjoyed the taste but found it rather too fizzy. Lake Placid Ubu Ale doesn't appear to have found it's way over here.

Alan -

Of the three Ubu is the tiniest of the breweries so that is not unexpected.

Michael Demmons -

Pete's Wicked is a pretty good beer. Surprise! It's made my Michelob. Can you believe that?

They have a really good Strawberry Blond too. Actually, most of the Pete's Wicked line is very good - for "regular beer."

I've been enjoying a nice Canadian beer of late, Maudite. It's a fairly high alcohol beer (9-10%), but it is smooth. I find in most high alcohol beer that the alcohol overpowers the actual taste of the brew. This does not. It definitely creeps up on you though...

Michael Demmons -

Ok. I just finished reading this post. Rolling Rock is the most HIDEOUS beer I have ever tasted in my life.

Shame on you for even discussing it.

Alan -

Pantalon du Feu! I knew there was something amiss with your powers of reckoning.

Alan -

I did not notice the double post. My slagging above was only for the comment on Rolling Rock which I like better than any light lager. Maudit is as you say gorgeous.

Did Michalob buy out Pete's and continue it as a separate operation or is it mass produced in massive factories?