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Donna -

To quoteth: "I am, for example, tired of writing about news and politics because so much of the news and politics is *ungood*."

Wow, you must _really_ be tired of those "ungood" news goods. ;) I can relate to how you're feeling re: news/political blogging. Besides, many many other folks in the blogosphere are writing about the aforementioned news, so why continue flogging the same horse (metaphorically speaking)?

If and when I start up a new blog, I hope to start a photoblog element...when I save up enough for that digital camera!

Ben -

I've dropped writing about politics too. Usually I focus more on sports when this happens but I refuse to write about Todd Bertuzzi and that seems to be the only story going in hockey right now.

Thank goodness for March Madness. If my digital camera still worked I'd do some more photoblogging too.

Steve -

Is there anything else you'ld like City to do? We've given you 6 points and stuffed the Red hordes. If there had been any justice Chelsea wouldn't have walked out of our new with all the points either.

Just make sure you knock 'em out the FA cup now. After all four years ago they couldn't even be bothered entering it.

Alan -

Were you at the game Steve? That was certainly a joy to watch on delay last evening after a 1000 km drive thinking about all the troubles of the world and a bad back. I would be much happier if your lot could go north and do the same to Hamilton and Berwick to ensure that Morton gets to SFA - Div. 1 in May.

Steve -

Oh yes I was there - with my Eldest sat next to me and my Youngest sat with the away supporters, the traitor.